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Electricity – Tips for staying safe

PECO, An Exelon Company, Sponsor of “Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man,” offers these tips for staying safe around electricity.

Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, and is quite famous even today for his kite and key experiment with lightning. We must always remember that Ben could have been seriously injured during that experiment. It is never a good idea to be careless with something as powerful as electrical energy!

Electric blankets should be checked at the start of each winter for damaged wires, plugs, leads and hot spots. If the electric blanket is damaged you should replace it immediately. Remember to turn off your electric blanket at the power point when you get into bed.

Do not spray household cleaners, detergents and insecticides on switches and power points. Do not wipe power points and switches with a wet cloth.

Know where your switchboard is located in case of an emergency. Be careful replacing rewirable fuses and make sure that the main switch is turned off when carrying it out.

Downlight covers are a new product we are very serious about informing people about, the covers protect our homes from fire caused by flammable material inside our roofs falling on top of very hot downlight globes and possibly catching on fire.

The covers also improve the insulation of our homes, thus saving on our energy costs. Being a distributer for the product we are able to supply for a very reasonable price of $15inc GST per unit.